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Hofner Vintage 182 Bass | 1962

Hofner Vintage 182 Bass | 1962

This is a Vintage 1962 Hofner 182 Bass Guitar, it is found in good condition! Has been lately fully restored. The neck is straight and the frets have still plenty of life, and it also comes along with the original nylon tapewound strings. All electronics work brilliantly. There are no functional or structural defect. The bass is ready to be used! 


The model number for this two pickup version of the "Solid Bass", as used by Hofner for markets other than the UK, was the Model 182/E2.It has a fairly thin body - 30mm or 1¼". The body is contoured front and back which, assisted by the well balanced and very slender neck, makes the guitar extremely comfortable to play. The scale of the solid bass, like almost all other Hofner basses, is 30".


The control console works perfectly, and the pots have replaced with new ones. The bridge is the standard Hofner nickel-plated brass affair. For intonation adjustments, simply slacken the strings off and move the whole bridge around on the top of the guitar's body. This has been set already :) The tailpiece is a nice simple piece nickel plated brass, which does everything that it should without any degree of pretence. The truss rod also works and has also been set to have the neck straightened. The action is rather high to what we are used to nowadays bass guitars although this was the way these basses have been shipped at the day due to their high set bridge (Which can be replaced for lower action if need be. 


    -Solid wooden body
    -Bolt on maple neck with rosewood fretboard
    -Perloid Dot inlays and 21 original frets
    -Black headstock with "Höfner" plastik logo
    -Early version with narrow (Beatles bass) control panel
    -1x Volume, 1x Tone, 2x PU-select + Solo switch
    -4x tuners with perloid tuners
    -Nickel hardware
    -Yellow burst finish

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