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Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass Late 70s | Germany

Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass Late 70s | Germany

One of the most iconic and unique sounding bass guitars. The hollow body construction allows the player to enjoy the raw sound of an acoustic bass along the magnetic pickup tone, and it is characterized by a fantastic compressed sound that only this bass can produce. It is equipped with volume and on/off switches for each pickup, and a preset switch that cuts through the bass. The body itself has aged for almost 50 years, the finish has cracked around the full body of the insturment, however it is nothing that effects it's playability or handling of the instrument. The sound of the body as you can imagine has been enhanced due to the aging of the woods, reflecting the quality of the wood giving you that sought after rich vintage sound.


The Violin Bass

The 500/1 Violin Bass was first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Muiskmesse in 1956. It has been in continuous production ever since. Designed by Walter Höfner as an alternative to the upright double bass it fulfilled this aim and much more. It leapt to worldwide fame when Paul McCartney was seen playing one with The Beatles in the early 60s. Today the 500/1 is offered in a number of models from the budget Ignition version through to the handmade German built re-issues and specials. Its short scale (30") and ultra lightweight has found favour with many professionals over the years.


Unique Sound

The sound of a Violin Bass is unlike any other bass. When used with flatwound strings it produces a distinctive deep and penetrating thud not unlike an upright double bass. This sound can be used to emulate those pop sounds of the 1960s or slightly overdriven in a modern rock band to provide a deep driving bass. It is also commonly used today in studios for recording bass lines for dance music. It has also seen increasing use in reggae bands where a deep driving bass is always wanted. Despite being one of the smallest basses available it easily produces massive bass lines and is remarkably versatile.



    • SPECS

      - Body: Spruce Top/Flame Maple Side&Back

      - Neck: Maple

      - Fingerboard: Rosewood

      - Pickup: Bar Blade Single Coil Pickup

      - Weight:2.24kg

      - Nut Width: 40mm

      - Hard case: Included violin bass shaped hardcase

      - Neck Scale: Short Scale Neck

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