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Hot Rod Rock Distortion | DigiTech


Here we have a slightly used DigiTech Rock Distortion!! What's better than one cool distortion pedal? How about three?! From a smooth, warm tone, to classic, edgy "British Stack" tone, to a high gain fuzz distortion. What's even better than that? How about adding a morph knob that allows you to morph a unique tone between these distortions?

This gives you a near unlimited supply of combinations to choose from all in one pedal. As you have come to expect from DigiTech's excellence in craftsmanship, this pedal is made of a rugged durable metal with features unique to DigiTech like our innovative spectral-contouring EQ that delivers an impressively greater tonal range than other distortion stomp boxes. 


You will also find a dual output system especially handy whether going direct to your amp or utilizing the mixer out direct to a mixing console using our cabinet modeling circuit.


- Rock distortion morphing

- Spectral-contouring EQ

- Normal & CIT™ Cabinet Modeling Output


    - Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Dry Battery

    - Power Consumption: 4.8Watts (w/optional PS200R power supply)

    - Battery Life: Approximately 4 hours (with continuous usage)

    - Dimensions: 

    4 15/16"(L) x 3 1/8"(W) x 2 1/8"(H)


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