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Laney LA65C Acoustic Amplifier, Amp, Laney Amp, Acoustic Amp

Laney LA65C Acoustic Amplifier


The Laney LA65 is a 65-watt, 2-channel dedicated acoustic guitar amplifier with chorus. The combo amp houses 2 x 8" custom designed drivers and horn. Channel 1 features an XLR input, Tape/CD input & volume. Channel 2 features an active & passive input, volume, chorus on/off, bass, Parametric mid, treble insert and line out.Mic channel and guitar channel; chorus and EQ; you and your acoustic! It's everything you need.


    -Power: RMS 65 Watts
    -Inputs: 1x XLR (Mic) and Jack on Aux channel 2, 1x jack on Instrument  channel 1
    -Channels: 2
    -Equalisation Bass & Treble on Aux channel 2, Bass & Treble on  Instrument channel 1, plus Global feedback tch filter
    -Reverb: Yes
    -Line Out: Yes
    -FX Loop(s): Yes
    -Drivers: 2x 8" Custom Drives plus Horn
    -CD Input: Yes
    -Weight: 17 Kg
    -Dimensions (mm): Width 516 x Height 377 x Depth 288

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