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Lindberg Guitars in Malta

Lindberg Samba | circa 1955


Manufactured by Rodewald HOYER in Munich, Germany during the early 50s to the mid 60s. The Samba was one of the most popular models offered by Lindberg, and it is a pretty good guitar with a solid carved spruce top and sides and back of maple. Its a non cutaway model. Its development follows the timeline. In the fifties it was black , but from around 1960 it was also available in sunburst colors. The 6 V-shaped white stripes on a black background date back to 1955 but they were certainly built longer; very likely until 1957/58 - (info obtained by


This Jazz Archtop guitar in full playable condition. With good string action at 2.5 mm at the 12th fret 1st E string. Its black finish. The fretboard has been oiled up and cleaned and the frets polished with no major dings along them all. This guitar carries with it the usual vintage guitar age lines. There are some age-related and authentic signs of use all around. Which gives it the real vintage vibe guitar that was used and pre-loved throughout its lifetime. This is a true vintage guitar, with over 60 years old. 


Please note that If outside the EU a CITES certificate will be required which would be an additional cost and a further delay of approximately 1 month. CITES is all about protecting endangered species of wood. (Rosewood / Dalbergia Latifolia) 


    - Model name - Samba
    - Solid carved spruce top 
    - Ca 107 cm total length, scale length 64 cm
    - Large black archtop body 
    - Multi-layered black and white celluloid binding
    - Solid maple sides
    - f holes with binding 
    - Lower bout 40.3 cm 
    - Center bout 25 cm  
    - Upper bout 31cm 
    - Sides height 9 cm - 9,5 cm 
    - Belt holders
    - U-shape Mahogany Jazz neck  
    - Headstock with beautiful black white celluloid plate 
    - Rosewood fingerboard with block inlays 
    - Multilayer black and white celluloid binding, 
    - 22 frets + zero fret 
    - Nut width 44.5 mm
    - Original tuners 
    - Original bridge, 
    - Adjustable in height, 
    - Celluloid bridge saddle
    - Original steel tailpiece
    - Lindberg sticker inside 

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