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Ludwig Accent CS Custom, Drums, Drum Kit

Ludwig Accent CS Custom


Another fully refurbished kit, this drum kit was built in 2006 and stored away in a warehouse since then. We have polished the kit and changed a number of hardware nuts making it a 100% again.


The shells are made from 100% birch and have been put together with 8-plies at a total thickness of 8mm. Inside, the shells are completely smooth, pale and look like they've been cut from good quality wood. The set has been made in China, but these days that doesn't mean lesser quality, far from it! This set has been very well made.


The shell hardware is reassuringly Ludwig with proper Ludwig lugs (known as the 'small classic' to fans) that have been used on Ludwig sets for years. They really jump out at you as saying - 'this is a real Ludwig set!'. Another nice feature are the isolation brackets that are made from pressed steel and hold the rack toms in place. They attach to the lugs and leave the shells free to vibrate fully giving a better sound. I guess they are a little on the chunky side compared to very high-end sets, but they still do a good job.


Other than that, the bass drum is kitted out with rubber insulated tension claws to protect the wooden hoops. And, the spurs have the adjustability and functionality we've come to expect from Ludwig, with extendable legs and spikes.


So, on to those lovely finishes! The Accent has a matt black finish, and they certainly did a great job in making it look like a pro kit. We can assure you that whatever finish it would have, one thing is for sure - it's gonna look great.


    22" x 18" bass
    13" x 11" and 12" x 10" toms
    16" x 16" floor tom
    6.5" x 14" snare


    -100% birch shells

    -Matt Black Satin oil finish

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