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Marcus Miller V7 Bass

Marcus Miller V7 Swamp Ash-5


Here we have a Marcus Miller V7 Bass guitar in Bright metallic Red which can almost be considered as new. It is set to the most incredible playable level with an eargasmic sound level to the peak. Unfortunately this brand can only be ordered online without getting to try out the instrument itself. We are offering you this opportunity to try this instrument out at our shop in Sliema to see if you have yourself a match. 


Here is what Marcus Miller and Sire have to say about it:

Marcus Miller and SIRE wants to see everyone enjoying and playing music.
To make this happen, Marcus Miller and SIRE have been on a mission for past several years to build the best quality bass at a price that is unheard of and make it available to everyone.

The result is a new line of Marcus Miller bass models that are awesome sounding, fantastic looking, and high quality but extraordinarily low priced.

We are happy that SIRE Marcus Miller basses are now available and anticipate more people to play and enjoy music. SIRE preamp is a perfect example that represents our technology and philosophy integrated into our instruments. With multiple tone controls, you can have total command in finding and getting the tone you want. The use of 18v battery enables the player to attain unaltered natural sound with strong and powerful output. With 3 band EQ, the player can have versatility in sound that can be suited for all occasions of music sessions. All models come with option for active and passive setting. Even in the passive mode, volume, tone, pickup balancer is fully functional, giving the player more controls for the tone in any mode.


All models also come with sweepable midrange control option that Marcus Miller advocates as a must have option. The middle frequency control knob allows the player to set sound frequency anywhere between 200Hz~1kHz. This option will be very handy in finding the desired sound.


Marcus Miller Premium Jazz Bass pickup set is an upgraded pickup version made with US fomvar coil in order to reproduce the traditional vintage jazz bass sound. This pickup is made with fiber bobbin and alnico 5 magnets and also heavy formvar magnet wire that is also made in US. Marcus Miller Premium Jazz Bass pickup sets offer players to experience a rich and strong original vintage jazz bass tone.


Swamp Ash
Premium swamp ash tone wood is usually found in higher priced instruments. Swamp ash tone wood is known to produce a well balanced tone. It is highly resonant and offers a nice balance of pleasant highs, firm lows, and a slightly scooped midrange which is great for slap playing. The characteristics of this wood enable players to emulate Marcus Miller’s tone a step further


Stable and accurate Sound wave transfer

Marcus Miller SIRE V7 bass is equipped with newly designed Marcus Miller SIRE Bridge which is specially developed with Marcus Miller’s request. This bridge has the characteristics of vintage jazz bass with heavy mass saddle. This combination produces a rich and punchy sound. New Marcus Miller Bridge is a string-thru body bridge mechanism that allows for more tighter, accurate and stable tone.


Stable and Accurate Tuning
Tuning Gear: Sire Premium open gear Equipped with SIRE’s own premium open gear head machines developed with accurate gear ratio, the head machines are very reliable in turning.


Sound Upgrade
Nut is one of the most important parts of the guitar that influences the performance, playability, and tone of the instrument. Depending on the quality of the material and elasticity, the nut can improve the sound or degrade the sound. Although bone nut is more costly and harder to work with, it is considered to deliver more balanced, clearer and smoother tone than plastic or erudite material.


    - Body: Swamp ash
    - Neck: Maple, one-piece
    - Neck profile: C
    - Fretboard: Maple
    - Scale: 34" (long scale)
    - 20 Medium small frets
    - Nut width: 46 mm
    - Bone nut
    - String spacing: 19 mm
    - Fretboard radius: 18.42 cm (7.25")
    - Pickups: 2 Marcus Super Jazz
    - Marcus Heritage-3 electronics with frequency control
    - Volume/Tone knobs (dual pot)
    - Pickup mix control
    - Treble control
    - Middle/Middle frequency control (dual pot)
    - Bass mini switch (active/passive)
    - 2 x 9V batteries
    - Marcus Big Mass bridge
    - Hardware: Chrome
    - Colour: Bright metallic Red

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