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JCM 800 Bass Series

Marshall JCM 800 Bass Series model 1992 Head ONLY | 1980s


We are more than pleased to have this Marshall JCM 800 Bass Series Head ONLY - model 1992 in our little shop. The head sounds fantastic and works perfectly (recently serviced and retubed). 

All Tube Amp 100W - 4 power tubes (EL34) and 3 lamps preamp (12AX7). 


It is a 100W bass amp and you would tend to think it's a bit limited, but this is a true all-tube amplifier made for rehearsal and stage. The power is really there. It has two inputs that can be used simultaneously, a bass knob, a treble and a parametric equalizer middle through which one can choose a frequency between 400Hz and 1KHz (button "mid sweep") and adjust the volume (middle button) . This amp also has a "slope" knob that can filter the fundamental bases for a specific and slamming her. At the back you will find two 1 / 4¨, an impedance selector 4.8 and 16 ohm and a 120/230 V switch (useful if you go to other countries). 


This amp has simple features but they are truly highly effective. You can just rely on your ears to the "slope" because it is not a usual setting, it totally changes the sound according to how it is used. You can easily get a great warm and rounded vintage sound from this piece of equipment.

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