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Marshall JCM 800 Combo Lead Series

Marshall JCM 800 Combo Lead Series


Look what we have found for you this time! A used 80's Marshall JCM800 Model 4212 50W 2x12 tube combo guitar amp. The split-channel 4212s (and the head version...the 2205s) were the first Marshall amps with channel-switching capability. In addition to offering the classic JCM80-era crunch tone, these amps also sport a decent clean tone and reverb, making for a much more versatile amp! A Legendary amp with its all mighty sound! 



    - Manufacture Date: 1986
    - Power Output: 50 Watts
    - Tubes: 6550 (2), 12AX7 (4)
    - Controls: Presence, Volume, Reverb | Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Gain | Bass, Treble, Volume
    - Dimensions: 27.5'' x 22'' x 10''
    - Weight: 70 lbs

    - original speakers: 2-12" Celestion G12M-70
    - original transformers
    - original resistors and caps

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