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Marshall JCM2000, Amplifier, Amp

Marshall JCM2000


The Marshall DSL40C aka JCM2000 40-watt guitar combo amp gives you the definitive essence of British tubularity. Reigning supreme for a decade, the DSL series enjoyed worldwide acclaim. So with a nod to pent-up player demand, Marshall presents their new, all-tube DSL Series. Amazingly affordable, the DSL40C Dual Super Lead combo fortifies your tone arsenal with impressive power and the tastiest tonal qualities and features of both modern and vintage Marshals - in one highly tweakable and portable package. From glassy cleans to bone-rattling crunch to blistering high gain, your wish is the Marshall DSL40C's command.


    Marshall DSL40C 40-watt All-tube Guitar Combo Amp Features:


    -This combo is capable of conjuring any classic Marshall sound - past or present -

    -Two channels: Classic Gain and Ultra Gain
    Each channel boasts two modes: Clean/Crunch and Lead 1/Lead 2, respectively.

    -Highly effective Resonance control replaces the original's fixed Deep switch.

    -Tone Shift button gives you incredible tonal flexibility.

    -Studio-grade digital Reverb.

    -Rear-panel Pentode/Triode switch drops the amp's output to a studio-friendly 20 watts.

    -Bypassable rear-panel Series FX loop.

    -12" custom-voiced Celestion 70/80 speaker


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