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Marshall MGseries 100DFX

Marshall MG series 100DFX


This used but the same powerful Marshall MG100DFX arms you with 100 watts of Marshall power, a 12" Celestion speaker, a parallel effects, loop, CD input, Digital Effects, dedicated Digital Reverb and also includes a 2-way LED footswitch for channel switching and DFX On/Off. 

Incredible Sound - Amazing Versatility

All the MG Series are equipped with Marshall’s proprietary speaker emulation system for the Headphone Out and Line Out. Combined with a CD input, each of these amplifiers is ideal for recording as well as practice.


    - Output (RMS): 100w

    - Channels: 2

    - Separate EQ per Channel

    - Clean/Crunch Switch:

    - OD1/OD2 Switch

    - Contour Control

    - Footswitcable Channels

    - CD Input

    - Emulated Line Out

    - Emulated Headphone Out

    - Digital Effects

    - Digital Reverb

    - FX Loop

    - FX Loop Level & Mix Control

    - FDD

    - Speaker: 1 x12"

    - Dimensions (approximate): 23.25 x 21.9 x 10.84" (590 x 556 x 275 mm)

    - Weight (approx.) 51.9 lbs. (23.6Kg)

    - Footswitch (supplied): PEDL-90004

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