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Vintage MATON MasterSound Series Combo | Tremolux 30x


Vintage and rare! The Maton name is a derivative of the words “May” and “Tone”. Amongst professionals this name instantly brings to mind highest quality and performance. 


About Maton company:
Until the mid 1930s an Australian guitar manufacturing industry was virtually nonexistent. Good quality guitars were hard to find and at this time the best guitars came from the U.S.A. Bill May, a Melbourne-born jazz musician, woodwork teacher and luthier decided to change all that.


During the early 1940s Bill established a custom guitar manufacturing and repair business known as “Maton Stringed Instruments and Repairs”. This enterprise was so successful that Bill was able to convince his older brother, Reg, to join him as a full time guitar maker and in March 1946 the “Maton Musical Instruments Company” was born.


It is not known for certain which year the company started to produce amplifiers - theory sais that the date is around 1960.


About Combo Tremolux30:

New silent full Tremolo with variable depth and speed controls. Treble presence and bass controls for full voicing of brilliant highs to bass boost. In-built stand by operation with automatic adjusment to volume level required, resulting in greater valve life and economy.

Pre-set volume control to prevent speaker overloading. Speakers wired in crossover network system for balanced frequency reproduction. 

It has super rare ROLA speakers!!!


Power supply has been replaced and GZ34 rectifier replaced with a solid state rectifier.


Suitable for bass amplification.


- 30 watts at less than 3% distortion.

- 5 valves, 2x EL34 output, 3x ECC83 preamp

- 4 inputs, 2 channel

- Tremolo, treble and bass controls

- 3x 8-inch speakers

- 17 high, 21 wide, 9 deep


Years manufactured: Commenced in 1960 discontinued in 1963

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