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MC Guitars | The 777 | Custom Made in Malta

MC Guitars | The 777 | Custom Made in Malta

Here we have a lightly used custom built guitar from MC Guitars. Called, "The 777". Carrying a glossy sonic blue finish. The heavy ash wood gives the guitar enormous sustain that vibrates all the way to your belly when sitting down, the wood texture seen through the finish complements the looks of this splendid guitar. 


The guitar plays like a dream, with a slim 5 piece neck. Complementing the high quality material build we have an Ebony fingerboard which feels incredible, with a clear and bright sound. The 777 is inlayed beautifully at the 12th fret of the fingerboard. 


Silver Kluson Tuners with a Schaller bridge made in Germany


The Pickups:

- Bridge TB-6 Seymour Duncan; Aggression. Power. Clarity.


This is the trifecta of heavy guitar tone. Drop the TB-6 Duncan Distortion Trembucker into your tremolo-equipped axe, and harness it. This high-output humbucker is ideal for every flavor of metal, and other high-aggression genres as well. We're talking tight percussive riffs. Blazing-fast lead work. Ultra-clear pick dynamics. Churn out hard-hitting, crunchy rhythms, or pump out searing leads — it's all at your fingertips. Massive ceramic magnets and hot coil winding yield rich upper midrange harmonics and smooth fluidity when you push them, and are equally capable of bell-like clean tones when you back off the gain. The TB-6 Duncan Distortion Trembucker will add serious weight to whatever you play.


The TB-6 Duncan Distortion Trembucker was built for aggressive playing styles. This humbucker is recommended for old-school metal, nü-metal, gothic, garage, punk, thrash, and other heavy rock styles, and is great for drop tunings. This humbucker yields high output while retaining clarity. Its massive ceramic magnet and hot coil winding deliver tremendous power and raw distorted rock sounds. Includes a four-conductor hookup cable to facilitate complex pickup switching setups.


Pull the pot and you are split into a single coil style pickup. 


- Neck Jalen pickup; this one is a customised pickup. They are specialty hand wound guitar pickups which would elevate the sound to the next level.


The condition of the guitar is excellent, with barely any marks of use on the scratch plate and around the guitar. 




    - Color:  Sonic blue

    - Body: Ash

    - Neck:  maple with ebony board fingerboard

    - Bridge:  Schaller (made in Germany)

    - Machine Heads: Kluson

    - Pickups: Seymour Duncan tb6 and custom Jalen neck pickup

    - Electronics: Volume Knob; push/pull for single coil configuration

    - Radius: 12''

    - Weight: 4.6Kgs

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