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guitar made in malta

MC Guitars | The Maltese Cross | Made in Malta

Here we have a custom built guitar from MC Guitars, called the Maltese cross with Glossy Blue Lagoon Finish.

This one is barely used. A guitar built to present the Maltese island characteristics. Carrying a glossy Blue Lagoon finish representing the crystal clear blue waters in Comino. The heavy ash wood gives the guitar enormous sustain that vibrates all the way to your belly when sitting down, the high wood texture complements the wood as seen through the finish.


The guitar plays like a dream, with a slim 5 piece neck. Complementing the high quality material build we have an Ebony fingerboard which feels incredible, the sound is clear and bright. The eight pointed cross, also known as the Maltese Cross is inlaid beautifully at the centre of the fingerboard.

Gold colour Accessories along Gotoh Tuners gives the guitar a taste of the golden sunshine in Malta.  

The Pickups: In the past, if you wanted humbucker, P90 and Strat tones, you would have needed three different guitars. With this neck P-Rails humbucker you get all three sounds in one. Use the push pull pots to access the different tones.

The neck P-Rails can each be split to give you an authentic P90, or it can be split to the Rail coil for Strat like tone. With both coils on, you get a big sounding humbucker that packs a nice full punch. The neck pickup is RWRP (reverse wind, reverse polarity) so you are hum-free when using any single coil in the neck with one in the bridge. Combine them in any combo you want.


At the bridge we have Hot Rails for that will transform the guitar into a fire breathing beast with an unapologetic, mean sound that's got the power of a set of full-sized high-output humbuckers. Pull the knob and you are split into a single coil style pickup.


The condition of the guitar is great. It has been lightly played, all it has is a slight finish crack by one of the bolts at the back of the guitar and some marks of use on the pickguard


    - Finish: Blue Lagoon

    - FingerBoard - Ebony

    - Inlay: Mother of Pearl Maltese cross

    - Neck: 5 piece, (Maple / Mahogany) 

    - Accessories: Gold coloured bridge and knobs.  

    - Machine Heads: Gold Gotoh Tuners

    - Pickups: Seymour Duncan Pickups

    - Electronics: Volume and Tone Knobs push/pull for single coil configuration

    - Body: Ash Body

    - Weight: 4 kgs

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