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MusicMan Bass in Sliema Malta

Music Man SUB 5 Bass

This Music Man bass is made in USA and is very much like it's big brother the Stingray but at a much more affordable price. The bass is made extremely well and feels like a rock solid instrument.


Plugged in you can get a wide range of tones via the 2-band active EQ circuit.


Back in 2003, the Ernie Ball company wanted to provide a lower-cost alternative to their admittedly expensive guitars and basses; the Musicman SUB line of instruments came from this idea. These instruments were built in the same San Luis Obispo factory as their other wares, but with features that made them more affordable such as its paint job.


The SUB 5 was their take on the iconic Stingray 5 bass, which is one of the best-selling 5-strings of all time. 


The neck is maple (painted matte black) with a 11-inch radius rosewood fretboard and 21 high-profile, wide frets. This is a 34-inch scale instrument, and the neck is 1 3/4-inches wide at the compensated plastic nut (early SUB basses did not get the compensated nut). Just like their Ernie Ball brethren, the neck on SUB basses is attached to the body with six bolts and they get the usual truss rod wheel for easy adjustments.


    - Black Pickguard

    - Non-contoured poplar BODY
    - RoseWood Fret Board
    - 21 frets 
    - Maple neck
    - Single Humbucker Pickup
    - Active Electronics
    - Volume, Bass and Treble controls
    - Typical EBMM quality and sound

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