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MXR Super Comp | Compressor

MXR SuperComp | Compressor

This second hand The Super Comp Compressor updates the Dyna Comp® Compressor with an Attack Level control to preserve initial volume without sacrificing sustain.


Countless pros rely on the original Dyna Comp Compressor in the studio and on stage. Now, the updated Super Comp Compressor takes that classic one step further. Output and Sensitivity knobs let you dial in the perfect setting to keep your parts where they belong in the mix. The new Attack Level control lets you keep your initial bite and chunk as you pour on the sustain. If you want tight, snappy clean tones and soaring lead tones, the Super Comp is the pedal for you.


- Classic Dyna Comp® style compression

- Attack Level control preserves attack volume without

- Compatible with the hottest pickups


    - Input Impedance: 1 MΩ

    - Output Impedance: 10 kΩ

    - Noise Floor*: -95 dBV

    - Power supply: 9 volts DC

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