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NUX Mighty Lite BT MKII Portable Guitar Amp

NUX Mighty Lite BT MKII Portable Guitar Amp


Ladies and gents, here we present you with a new standard for the Mini Class Amplifiers! - the mighty portable bluetooth little amplifier from NUX. 


The MIGHTY LITE BT MKII provides a variety of effects for electric guitar and bass guitar including amp modeling and cabinet IRs. It also comes with acoustic amp modeling and acoustic IRs to let you simulate acoustic guitar tones.


And, you can even load 3rd party IRs through Mighty Editor™ edit software to expand your tone. (You can load any WAV format IRs, the Mighty Editor™ will convert to 32bits/48kHz onto the device automatically.)


The MightyAmp™ APP and Mighty Editor™ edit software let’s you tweak all the signal blocks and parameters. The MIGHTY LITE BT MKII includes GATE, EFX, AMP, IR, MOD, DLY and RVB signal blocks. Along with the included 34 built-in IRs, here are 20 empty slots, for 3rd party IRs loading. No need to worry about the sampling rate, Mighty Editor™ edit software can convert the WAV(IR) format automatically.


“The MIGHTY LITE BT MKII includes USB-C Audio, so it can be a USB recording interface. It supports Normal/ Dry Out/ Re-amp/ Loopback routing. Set it up via the MightyAmp™ APP or Mighty Editor™ edit software. You can also livestream with Loopback!”


- USB Audio Interface.

- Phones Out / AUX In.

- 3 watts desktop Modeling Amplifier.

- TSAC-HD (White-Box) Amp Modeling algorithm offers realistic playability & feedback.

- 512 samples IR resolution. (34 premium built-in IRs and 20 user slots for 3rd party)

- 7 presets with ACTIVE functions. (PRESET switch toggles ACTIVE ones sequentially.)

- 7 effect blocks: GATE, EFX, AMP, IR, MOD, DLY, RVB.

- White-box algorithm EFX offers analog response and natural chaos.

- Patch Level function for each preset.

- Drum machine.

- Intuitive MightyAmp™ APP & Mighty Editor™ edit software(3rd party IR loader).

- USB-C: Mighty Editor™ edit software communication, USB audio stream, and Firmware update.


    - Input Impedance: 680KΩ

    - AUX In Impedance: 13KΩ

    - Earphone Output Impedance: 32Ω

    - Sampling Rate: 48KHz/32-bit

    - System Latency: 1.42ms

    - Current Draw: 9VDC/Battery 120mA, USB 185mA  

    - Speaker: 3”, 4Ω, 5W

    - Dimensions: 166 (L)X98 (W)X124 (H)mm

    - Weight: 720g

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