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Orange AD140 Twin Channel, Amplifier, Amp, Orange Amp

Orange AD140 Twin Channel


No other amp brings the mid-range like an Orange AD140. These were built by the custom shop in very small numbers so we're just as lucky as you to finally  have one at our shop. Amps like this are born for live use although this one was hardly gigged with. The original owner had only used it a couple of times at his personal rehearsal space. This amp is easy to dial in at any volume level with both Master Volume and Gain as well as a full 3-band Treble/Middle/Bass EQ section. Hand wired and built like a tank.

The Orange Amps AD 140 (twin channel) is a dual channel guitar amplifier head. The amp has a single ¼ inch input in the front for your instrument and a ¼ inch speaker output to send this to a cabinet. 

The make up of the Orange Amps AD 140 TC is pretty simple, but at the same time it definitely offers up a lot of versatility and options. Having two channels is a huge plus, as in tandem with the pedal you can set two distinct sounds and change between them with a push of the button. Each channel has pretty standard parameters, including for master volume, treble, middle, bass, and gain. The two channels are pretty much exactly the same. On the face of the amp there are also switches for power, stand by, and to choose between channels one and two.

If you’ve ever used an Orange amp, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what this amp is all about, as it has the same killer tone found on all Orange amps. Both in terms of a clean tone and distortion, this amp is absolutely awesome. We can’t say a bad thing about the way this amp sounds, as the clean sound is crystal clear and the distortion is some of the best of its kind…All with room for tweaking to your liking.


    -Power: 140 watts
    -Channel Configuration: Channel 1 / Channel 2 - Clean thru Distortion
    -Preamp Tubes: 4 X 12AX7
    -Power Tubes: 4 X EL34
    -Channel 1 Controls: Gain / Volume / Bass / Middle / Treble
    -Channel 2 Controls: Gain / Volume / Bass / Middle / Treble
    -Speaker Outputs: 2 X 8 ohm and 1 X 16 ohm

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