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Pearl Session Custom - Maple shells, Drums, Drum Kit

Pearl Session Custom - Maple shells


Here we have a 4 piece Pearl Session Custom in full maple. This kit is wonderful in many ways. Starting off with its glossy green burst finish with a visible wood grain, surely not a common one out there and definetely gives is out that its a pearl drumkit. The hardware on this set is rigid, sturdy and made out of great chrome not holding marks, rust or wear on it. Both the high and the low toms come with optimounts and arms. The kit holds its tuning pretty incredibly due to its brilliantly made pearl tuning lugs. 


Pearl Drums have done a great job with its wood workmanship techniques, giving the shells a great warm sound with a wonderful tone. 


This kit is in immaculate condition, can be considered as new old stock. Little to no signs of use on it. 


Drum kit shell sizes: 12" high tom & 13" low tom, 16" floor tom and a 22" bass drum.

    €1,399.00 Regular Price
    €1,199.00Sale Price
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