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PRS Santana SE, Guitar, Electric Guitar

PRS Santana SE


At less than a quarter the price of the least expensive Santana Signature guitar, there was no way for the SE 2004 model to include every feature and level of craftsmanship of it's predecessors. However, Paul Reed Smith did a masterful job of creating an instrument with much of the power of the Signature models, married with some classic PRS specs.

One of the distinctions is where the guitars are manufacturered (Santana Signature models are U.S.A.-made). Originally, the PRS SE Model was built in Japan, but the source appears to have changed within the first year or two, to Korea. From the quality of the instruments, though, it's obvious that Paul Reed Smith's quality control was strict.

In many particulars, the Santana SE models have more in common with other PRS guitars (particular the Mc Carthy models) than with the SIgnature Santana guitars. The body shape is asymetrical, with greatly reduced carving. After the first year or two, a pickguard was introduced something none of the Santana Signature models have.

The neck is a 25" scale length with 22 frets, although it does maintain the "Santana wide fat" shape, with a 10" radius. And the fretboard is Rosewood, albeit of a more standard quality than the high grade woods on the I, II, and III models.

Lacking the flamed Maple top, the Mahogany body doesn't have the eye-popping grain of it's more expensive brethren. But the finishes are lush and beautiful, in true PRS fashion.

Electronics and Hardware:
Like all Santana Signatures (except the original model), the SE guitars have two humbucking pickups, a Tone knob, Volume knob, and 3-position selector switch. The pickups are not covered, and, though not up to the level of the Signature Santana pickups, have a good, powerful tone.

PRS discontinued this model in 2007
comes with PRS softcase


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