R. Gerome Petite Bouche | 1950, Guitar

R. Gerome Petite Bouche | 1950


The Gerome family has been making instruments in Mirecourt, the ancient center of French luthiery, for over a century. First known for their Neapolitan mandolins, the Gerome workshop eventually grew to the point where they were producing nearly 2000 guitars and mandolins a month. Over the decades Gerome instruments gained a reputation for their excellent quality, great tone, and aesthetically beauty. By the 1990s the Gerome brothers had all retired and passed their legacy onto their apprentice, Philippe Moneret.

A Very rare and desired R.Gerome Petite Bouche model. Brilliant for the DJANGO REINHARDT gypsy Jazz musicians. Made in France in 1950 this model has wondered the globe ever since. It has a pickup installed which has been rooted in at the bottom side under the tailpiece. The guitar has an arch top and back that contribute to its unusual sound. The action is incredible, the frets have a lot of life in them and the neck is straight as an arrow. The tuners are original and a definite eye catcher. The only thing not original on it is its tailpiece. 
This guitar is not mint as you can see its quite old. Although it holds something which is out of this world, it emits a kind of strange energy which you can feel once its in your laps.   

Hat's off to Rene Gerome for bringing this joyous instrument into the world.

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