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Randall RD112, Amp, Amplifier, Randall Amp

Randall RD112 w/ Vintage 30s


The Randal RD112 is a powerful guitar cabinet from the globally renowned manufacturer of rock and metal amps. This particular cab has been upgraded with a Celestion Vintage 30 which makes it simply sound amazing. You will be blown away with its power at the size of this cab. Easily twice as loud as other speakers at the same power level. It will give you the punchy lows, meaty mids, and a creamy, harmonically-rich high end.


More about the speaker:
In the development of the Vintage 30, Celestion used Laser Doppler Interferometry to analyze the cone behaviour of an original Celestion Blue. They then formed a precise model of the vintage speaker's characteristics and applied it to the design of a new speaker using modern materials for greater power handling. Celestion determined that their H magnet came closest in performance to Alnico. This magnet was then combined with a new cone and coil assembly employing contemporary materials with similar mass and physical properties to the originals, only better suited to handling the additional heat generated by higher power amplification. If you want the vibe of a classic guitar speaker, but with modern robustness, you will love this Celestion Vintage 30.


    Power rating: 60W rms
    Nominal impedance: 16 Ohms
    Sensitivity: 100dB
    Frequency range: 70-5000Hz
    Voice coil diameter: 1.75"
    Voice coil material: Round copper
    Chassis type: Pressed steel
    Magnet type: Ceramic
    Cut-out diameter: 11.1"
    Diameter: 12.2"
    Magnet structure diameter: 6.1"
    Mounting slot dimensions: 0.31"
    Mounting slot PCD: 11.7"
    Number of mounting slots: 4
    Overall depth: 5.3"
    Unit weight: 10.4lb

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