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Roland MC-808 Sampling Groovebox

Roland MC-808 Sampling Groovebox


Here we have a used Roland MC-808 in very good condition, with no marks of use. A mean machine from 2006.

From the company that made “groovebox” a household name comes a remarkable addition to the famous Roland groovebox family: the MC-808. Optimized for realtime performance, the sleek, silver powerstation features eight motorized faders on its surface — a groovebox first!


With Roland’s most sophisticated processor at its core, the MC-808 possesses top-of-the-line sampling, sequencing, and synthesizer features yet it comes in at a new, low price point.


- Motorized Faders

Motorized faders on an affordable groovebox?! You’re not dreaming. The MC-808 is the world’s first groovebox with this feature! Sure, the motorized faders look cool, but they also provide serious power for live performers.


No matter what pattern you call up, the faders will snap to the proper position. As a result, the parameter values and position of the faders always correspond, allowing you to see the values instantly and make changes directly.


No more unexpected jumps in values when you grab a fader in mid-performance. It’s always in the right position. Plus, from the fader movements you can see automations such as filter, pan, and part levels changes. If you want to cancel and control the faders manually, simply move the touch-sensitive faders.


- Flagship Features

The MC-808 shares two key attributes with its elder sibling, the flagship MC-909: The same top-of-the-line sampling and sequencing features that made the MC-909 so famous are built into the MC-808, making it a serious tool for sampling, editing, track building, and mixing. 


The MC-808’s internal sounds and patterns have been created fresh by top international artists. These slammin’ new dance and hip-hop grooves are instantly ready for primetime, but playing and manipulating the internal patterns is only half the fun.

The MC-808 allows any sounds to be sampled, edited, and added to the song WAV and AIF files can also be imported from computer via USB. A few “must have” sounds from the MC-909 are also included.




    - 8 motorized faders — a groovebox first!

    - Same powerful sampling & sequencing features as MC-909

    - Brand new sounds and patterns

    - 128-voice polyphony

    - CompactFlash slot for memory backup

    - USB for storage and AIF/WAV file import and export

    - 16-step pad bank, D Beam controller

    - Editor software included (PC/Mac)

€400.00 Regular Price
€350.00Sale Price
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