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Sadowsky Metro MV5-PJ | 5-string Bass

What a masterpiece!! Very rare to come by. This very well taken care of used Sadowsky Metro MV5 PJ bass is at our Sun-Sounds music shop in Sliema, Malta.  It has only been used at home and in studio and is found to be in mintest of conditions. The Bass comes with a transparent pickguard and also the original white one. We do not expect for it to stay long with us, so let your heart take the decision on this one, no time to wait up for making up your minds!


This bass has all you need in terms of tone! You can find that loved sound of your bass easily with some tweaking between the pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC) with pre-amp bypass, bass boost and treble boost knobs. You are sure to be finding that great sound of this bass. In terms of weight it is not a chambered bass although it is not a super heavy bass compared to others in the market. It is truly made for the player in all aspects imaginable. 


The selected solid ash wood body on this one steals away all the eyes around it. Along with that fine sunburst finish. Basically a much refined Fender with more attention to detail and love towards the build! These guitars will be the true collectors item of our time in the future.


“The fundamental difference between the MetroLine and NYC line is the MetroLine features solid bodies, while the NYC instruments feature chambered bodies and custom-order options.”
-Roger Sadowsky


More on Sadowsky Metro Bass Guitars:

Roger Sadowsky is one of the most highly respected instrument makers in the world. His instruments are played by many of the world’s greatest artists including guitarists Jim Hall, John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny, Lee Ritenour, Chuck Loeb and bass players Marcus Miller, Will Lee, Rickey Minor, Michael Rhodes, Verdine White and Jason Newsted.


As the Sadowsky legend grew, so did the overwhelming demand for these exceptional instruments that continues to this day. With wait times for custom Sadowsky NYC instruments that can stretch to a year and prices for custom features that can overextend a budget, Roger looked for a solution that would more quickly and affordably make the legendary Sadowsky Bass available to the working musician.


Roger’s solution to this issue is not accomplished with sacrifices to craftsmanship, quality, precision, feel or sound; it is primarily accomplished by standardizing certain options and producing instruments in a more cost-effective environment. The result is the Sadowsky MetroLine.


Sadowsky MetroLine basses are produced by Roger’s personally trained protégé, Yoshi Kikuchi, in Tokyo, Japan. A superior craftsman in his own right, Yoshi moved to New York for a year to learn the art of the Sadowsky Bass at Roger’s side. Yoshi then assembled a small group of Japanese craftsmen and opened a studio in Japan under Roger’s supervision. As a result, Roger is able to deliver the legendary Sadowsky Bass more immediately and more affordably to you, the working bass player.


Your long wait time is over and the Sadowsky bass is now more affordable. With many competitively priced models to choose from, Roger takes the most popular features of his legendary NYC basses and makes them available to you immediately. Best of all, Roger personally stands behind each and every MetroLine bass with his exacting standards of quality, performance, integrity and service. We invite you to contact us and arrange a time to come in and get legendary Sadowsky Bass where it belongs today – in your hands.


    - Sleek undersized J body shape

    - Solid swamp ash 

    - Thicker headstock and graphite strips dramatically reduce dead spots and create a more even response on every note

    - Maple fingerboard

    -1 7/8” on 5-string

    - 21 18% nickel/silver frets .094″ wide x .051″ high, maximum hardness

    - Licensed Hipshot Ultralight on 5 string

    - Sadowsky Humcancelling J pickups (60’s location)

    - Classic Sadowsky Treble and Bass boost pre-amp with true bypass switch

    -  Controls: master vol, pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC) with pre-amp bypass, bass boost, treble boost

    - Sadowsky bridge with quick release

    - 19mm 5 string bridge spacing

    - Original Sadowsky Case included

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€2,150.00Sale Price
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