Selmer Treble 'N Bass 50sv, Amp, Amplifier, Selmer Amp

Selmer Treble 'N Bass 50sv


This selmer treble 'n' bass 50 sv is a 1970 model and has been painted white over the original black tolex. We believe In conservation on all our instruments so we will not be doing anything to manipulate the finish , this amp has been serviced by the man himself : John Kelly who was the senior amp builder with selmer at the time; now Mr.Kelly runs his own company Kelly amplification. The cabinet is an earlier mid-60's t'n'b 2x12 loaded with a goodman (by selmer) speakers. This amp is a wonderful example of the British amp legacy!


Notable selmer amp users are :

-Pink Floyd
-The Beatles
-The Shadows
-Led Zeppelin
-The Who


    Cabinet size 21" x 11.1/4" x 9.1/4", valve complement EL34 (2), ECC83 (4) and 2 silicon rectifiers. Price £74.0s.0d.


    This was, I think, the final version of the T'n'B and probably the least eye-catching with it's plain black cabinet and aluminium front, although the circuitry was identical to earlier models. Control panel configuration changed entirely but still 2 inputs per channel, each having volume, treble and bass controls. A presence control now also featured. Both this and the TnB 100 remained in production until at least the mid-1970's.


    Information courtesy of Steve Russell's vintage Hofner website .

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