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Shadow Stompin' BOX | Bass Percussion


This second hand Shadow SH Stompin’ Bass is a percussive bass pedal designed for solo musicians looking to take their performances to the next level. Powered by a single 9V battery, the Stompin’ Bass comes equipped with a NanoMAG pickup, which produces a deep, warm bass sound. Its completely shielded case and low-impedance output make the Stompin’ Bass totally hum-free. A removable extension is included for improved comfort during long playing periods. The SH Stompin’ Bass has a standard output jack which can be plugged straight into any PA, EQ, pedal, or guitar amp.


- Produces deep, warm bass sound

- Incorporated NanoMAG pickup

- Played by tapping with foot

- Made of chosen rosewood

- Anti-slip material on bottom

- Completely shielded case

- Low impedance output