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Spector Legend Custom 5 Bass

Spector Legend Custom 5 Bass

A barely used Spector Custom Legend 5 Bass which was signed by Stuart Spector himself! The bass is all original and has an upgraded Aguilar OBP-3TK preamp.


Played by professional musicians everyday, these basses are incredibly well-made using quality materials and components such as the Spector TonePump Jr. active tone controls, SSD Pickups and a custom EMG Active Tone Circuit.The SSD (for Stuart Spector Designs) Pickups have a little more midrange than EMG HZ passive humbuckers.


Spector have been making bass guitars for famous artists since 1977. Since then Stuart Spector's select team of designers has grown in stature, often in close collaboration with many world-famous performers. Gene Simmons (KISS) commissioned several Brooklyn Era SB-1\'99 basses from Stuart in the late 1970's. Some of the modifications included a special gloss black paint job with white binding along the sides of the body.


Stuart shaved down the normally bulbous horns of the SB-1 into points. In 1982 Sting favoured Spector's NS-2, and relyed upon it while out on the Police's Synchronicity Tour. The NS-2 was also the weapon of choice for Jack Bruce (Cream), who favoured the instrument during his 80s solo career.

The Spector range has since become extensive and varied. In response to fans constant demand for 'a bass like theirs', Spector collaborated closely with several leading artists to create the Spector Signature range.


These basses have a distinct engineering and performance pedigree - the roster includes such legends as Jason Newsted, formerly of Metallica, Ian Hill (Judas Priest), who has been playing Spector Bass guitars since 1985, and Rex Brown. From his earliest days with Pantera and later with Down, Rex has been a loyal Spector Bass player and supporter.




    - Body Construction: Maple

    - Top: Genuine Quilt Maple

    - Finish: High Gloss

    - Bridge: Spector Die Cast Locking Bridge

    - Bridge Hex Key Size: 2mm


    - Neck Construction: 3-piece Maple

    - Fingerboard: Rosewood

    - Number of Frets: 24

    - Scale Length: 35"

    - Radius: 16"

    - Neck Inlays: Pearl Dot

    - Width at Nut: 1.75"

    - String Spacing (At Bridge): 0.66"

    - Truss Hex Key Size: 4mm

    - Colour: Cherry


    - Tone Circuit: Upgraded to Aguilar OBP-3TK from Spector Tonepump Jr.

    - Circuit Type: 9-volt Active - Bass and Treble

    - Bridge Pickup: EMG HZ Humbucker

    - Neck Pickups: EMG HZ Humbucker

    - Pickup Type: Passive - Dual Coil

    - Country: Korea

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