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Fender Telecaster 52 reissue Japan Vintage | Squire logo

Fender Telecaster 52 reissue Japan Vintage | Squier logo

Made in Japan JV series Fender Telecaster with Squier logo from 1984.

This is one of the most sought after of the JV guitars (Japan Vintage). This was one of the guitars that was not sold in the US. You will definitely not see one of these around quite often! They are not to be confused with the Japan Domestic Model JV Telecasters. This is the version that was exported out of Japan and what everyone wanted.


Stamped JV on the bridge plate. Dating to 1984. Wiring upgraded to vintage cable from the 50s, Japanese Carbon Pots and Paper in oil capacitors. All slot screws are original. Beautiful butterscotch blonde nitro cellulosic finish with a wonderful swamp ash wood grain visible. It finish contains the expected weather checking which gives such an amazing authentic vintage look.


All is original except for the wiring and pots. We have setup it up for its utmost performance. The guitar has some dents around especially on the bottom left, visible on the images. This does not effect its playability and sound. The wood is resonant, more than any other guitar we've heard recently. Frets are in great shape, ample play time left in them.



    - Body: Swamp ash

    - Neck: Maple

    - Fretboard: Maple

    - Pickup: original Fender Telecaster 80s Pickups

    - Colour: Butterscotch Blonde Nitro Cellulose

    - Frets: 22

    - Country: Japan

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