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Relikc Code of Antics album - Malta music

The Code of Antics | Relikc

"The Code of Antics" is Relikc's debut album. We have a limited number of physical copies still available! If you want to add a copy to your collection, order now before they run out! "The Code of Antics" is an expertly dosed cocktail of pop, funk, rock and soul, blending feel-good vibes with heartfelt lyrics.


Released in 2017


Here is an album track video released by Relikc - Strut (Papa's Got the Cash)




    - This Side of Me 

    - Second Chances 

    - Promises 

    - Better 

    - Dame on the Dancefloor 

    - Sorry Again 

    - Strut (Papa's Got the Cash) 

    - Casanova 

    - The Funk Park 

    - Save Your Crying

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