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VOX AC-50 | 1964, Amp, Amplifier

VOX AC-50 | 1964


The AC50 was brought into being initially with one end in mind and that is supplying The Beatles with enough power to make themselves heard over legions of screaming fans. John and George were both to have 50 watt amps (the AC50), and Paul an 80 watt bass unit - the AC80/100, later the Vox AC-100. The design process presumably began around August 1963 (the finished circuit diagram of the AC80/100 is dated 26th September '63).


This AC50 is a Late 1964 'Big Box' model assembled by Triumph electronics which had made many amps for Vox during this era. The amp features dual EL34 Power tubes and 3x ecc83 in the preamp section, it has been fully restored back to it's original state. The only cosmetic issue is the handle ,it has been changed from the original (which probably broke) into a nice heavy duty leather handle. You can see that this too has been done years ago. This VOX AC50 is synonymous with the legendary Gozotian Group 'The Tramps' responsable for timeless tracks like 'Xemx' and 'Inti Djamant' amongst others. 


The amp was designed without a standby switch and features 4 inputs (brilliance/normal-High/Low) a rotary slot voltage selector and simple Volume Treble n' Bass controls on each respective channel, other than that the amp is very tight sounding and undeniably versatile despite it's simplistic design. You can play Funk, Jazz, Rock etc, because it has got alot of headroom and if you want to risk cranking it up, it would make a great rock-metal amp too. Of course this happens when driving it through a high output guitar at a very high volume. It is a very loud amp which makes it a killer bass amp too!


Please contact us prior for proper Trials. This will take place in a more remote rehearsal area to avoid noise pollution.

PS. The amp also comes with the original Vox cover!

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