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VOX ToneLab, Amp modeler

VOX ToneLab


The Vox ToneLab Amp Modeler is a great modeler with superb effects and an inuitive interface. 12AX7/ECC83 tube in the power section for tube drive. Space-saving desktop unit. 16 amp models range from old vintage collector's classics to the new super high-tech marvels. 10 cabinet models add even more sound options. 22 stellar modeled effects rival dedicated units. 96 available programs. The Tonelab boasts features not found in the Valvetronix amp series, like separate speaker cab modeling that produces an uncanny spacial sense even when using the line out. Includes MIDI I/O for transferring programs and editing, S/PDIF jack for direct-to-digital interfacing, and headphone out. Comes with dedicated editor software for in-depth editing. And Tonelab works with the optional Valvetronix footcontroller to open up further performance possibilities.


    VOX Valve Reactor (using a 12AX7/ECC83 dual triode as a power amp tube) circuit delivers the sound and feel of actual tube power amps

    16 amp models ranging from vintage classics to modern "boutique" standards
    10 cabinet models add even more variety and authenticity
    22 modeled effects with quality that rivals standalone units
    Heavy-duty construction
    Familiar knob-based interface for ease of use
    96 programs - 48 preset, 48 user
    Headphone output
    S/PDIF I/O digital recording
    Dedicated editor software for even more detailed editing
    MIDI I/O
    Optional Valvetronix series foot controller for even more performance possibilities
    Backlit LCD with easily viewed LED-like display

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