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VOX VBM-1 Brian May Special, Amplifier, Amp

VOX VBM-1 Brian May Special


Fans of Queen recognize the unmistakable guitar tones of Brian May. His smoothly overdriven, almost violin like guitar solos can be heard in such songs as "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "You're My Best Friend."

His signature guitar tone was largely developed by passing his guitar signal first through a treble booster, then through the input of a hand made low wattage "Deacy" tube amplifier made for Brian by Queen bassist John Deacon. 

Vox introduced the VBM-1 Brian May Special amplifier in 2003. Vox wanted to build a package that would combine both the treble booster and the sound of the "Deacy" amp circuit. Brian May allowed Vox engineers access to the "Deacy" amp so they could develop the circuits necessary to accurately reproduce these unmistakable tones.

The amp featured a unique white vinyl covering and a "Brian May" logo on the grill.

The amp was discontinued by Vox in 2005. 

PS: New old stock 


    -Based on May's legendary "Deacy" recording amp
    -10W combo
    -6-1/2" speaker
    -Gain, tone, and volume with a high/low gain switch
    -Booster section permits driving another amp
    -Emulated recording/headphone jack
    -External speaker jack

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