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waterdrum instrument

Waterdrum - AV 507

Water drums are a category of membranophone characterized by the filling of the drum chamber with some amount of water to create a unique resonant sound. Water drums are used all over the world, including American Indian music, and are made of various materials, with a membrane stretched over a hard body such as a metal, clay, or wooden bowls. Here we have these wooden bowls brought to us by AfroTon, manufactured to exact specifications in selected production sites in the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali and Ghana.


- Different sized pumpkin shells (calabashes)

- Painted inside

- Warm to light timbre,

- Our »underwater bass«

- Is traditionally played mainly by women of the Senufo or Malinke

- One of the large bowls is filled with water, a smaller bowl is placed upside down on the water and played with hands or padded mallets. The water level affects the sound

- Mali, Ghana, Guinea

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