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WEM Watkins Copicat MKlll | 70s

WEM Watkins Copicat MKlll | 70s


This thing sounds just fantastic. These old delay machines are still ticking over and creating the grooviest sounds in bands till this day. It runs on a short loop of magnetic tape, with three selectable tape heads spaced apart defining the delay length. Two other tape heads are visible that erase and record. Heard in most of the famous tracks you've heard before! 


The original footswitch is available with it. It has been recently serviced and all works great!


Despite popular belief that the preceding Mk.1 and 2 Valve Copicats were the best performers, the facts are that this first departure from valves, was by far the more successful. This was mainly because of its early transistor state of the art design with its greater stability and greater recording bias control. It also had, by this time, developed far superior tape transport components. This model was sold by the 100's of 1000's all around the world. Incredibly reliable, with its superior dynamic range (of great importance when used for voice) and vastly improved erasing circuitry its only offset was the prevailing nostalgia and love of valve circuitry. But as an Echo Unit it outshone everything else the world had to offer. 


Although new digital technologies have made it possible for the unique and original Copicat sounds to be emulated and actually improved upon - nothing will ever be taken from the original pioneering Copicat - which climbed the mountain first!

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