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Yamaha BB 1025X, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar

Yamaha BB 1025X


Since its introduction in 1987, Yamaha’s BB series of basses been building a reputation for being nothing if not versatile, reliable tone tools. The relatively new BB1025X, a passive 5-string with a P/J pickup configuration, is an update on the classic bass that offers a few nifty design tweaks. The bass we have available for you at the shop also has two bridges to your avail. Its original owner had replaced the original bridge for better playability, although it can be replaced to its original bridge anytime. 


With its gleaming pickup bezels, large oval pearloid inlays, and shiny control cavity cover, the BB1025X has a kind of understated, sophisticated, flashy vibe I found appealing. The Yamaha’s workmanship appears to be excellent the contoured neck joint allows unfettered access to the upper reaches of the fingerboard, and the neck sits firmly paired to the body via four countersunk screws. 


The hardware is solid; the BB1025X’s bridge offers conventional or through-body stringing, which runs diagonal through the mapline body block to ferrules sitting just below the strap button. The Yamaha also boasts a nickel silver nut made from the same material as the frets making open strings ring in such a way that they sounded as if they were being fretted. Plugging the BB1025X into a range of rigs, the passive 5 acted just as I’ve come to expect from similar Yamaha BBs. Blended and solo’d, the P- and J-style pickups had a smooth overall character the neck pickup gives the bass a portly midrange bump, and the bridge pickup sounds tight and assertive without being too barky. The single tone control offered the expected range of tones, from dark and dub-y to clear and balanced.


In most respects, rather little has changed about the BB series since it was introduced 24 years ago. There’s a good reason for that: it ain’t broke. With its solid construction, dead-simple electronics, and thoughtful finishing touches, the BB1025X is a worthy choice for players of any style, at any level. 


    -Construction: Bolt-On
    -Scale Length: 34'' (863.6mm)
    -Fingerboard: Rosewood
    -Radius: 23 5/8" (600mm)
    -Frets: 21
    -Body: Alder (Spline Joint)
    -Neck: Maple/ Nato 5pcs
    -Bridge: Vintage Plus (Brass Saddle, Steel Plate)
    -Pickups: Neck: Split Blade (Alnico V), Bridge: Single Blade (Ceramic)
    -Pickup Switch: 3P Toggle Switch
    -Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone

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