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Gregg T. Alf "Haddock" Guarneri del Gesu

We are proud to announce that we are selling a Gregg T. Alf Violin. This violin we are selling is made from a “Haddock” Guarneri del Gesu model. It was made in 1994 by Gregg T. Alf in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After being in possession of Gregg T. Alf for 20 years the violin was sold in 2014. The original buyer believes that it’s time for the violin to find a new owner.

Gregg T. Alf is a renowned contemporary American violin maker located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Gregg T. Alf spent 8 years in Cremona, Italy where he graduated from the international Violin Making School. He returned to the United States in 1984 and founded the violin-making studios of Curtin & Alf together with Joseph Curtin. This partnership attracted the attention of various stars of the violin world such as Ruggiero Ricci, Zvi Zeitlin, Elmar Oliviera and many others. For his early work, he made replicas of classic Italian instruments.

The Violin comes with a Musafia Momentum Case and a CodaBow Diamond GX. The Musafia Momentum is a high-quality artisan-made case. With the Momentum Case Musafia wanted to create a completely super-compact and ultra-light design for those on the go. The case comes with a hygrometer and humidifier to prevent the violin from cracking when the humidity is low. The CodaBow Diamond GX is the crown jewel of the Diamond Collection. Thanks to the Kevlar core, it yields a timbre and subtleness of response that rivals fine Pernambuco bows. The bow produces an organic sound that has never been achieved in a carbon fibre bow.

Fun Facts:

  • Gregg T. Alf uses science and technology to better understand the acoustical foundations of his craft.

  • In 2013 a Curtin & Alf copy of the 1731 “Gibson-Huberman” Guarneri del Gesu violin set a world auction record for an instrument by a living maker. The violin, built in 1985 for Ruggiero Ricci, was sold for $132.000 at Tarisio in New York.

  • This will be the finest instrument sold by Sun-Sounds.

For more information on the violin, you can follow the link below:

Gregg T. Alf, Fine Violin, Haddock
Gregg T. Alf, Fine Violin, Haddock

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