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Guitar service on the spot!

Playing an instrument like the guitar can be the most fun thing in the world. But, sometimes your guitar needs servicing.

That’s why we offer on the spot guitar re-stringing, cleaning & basic servicing while you wait.

What is included in the guitar’s on the spot servicing:

  • String replacement

  • Fretboard cleaning and oiling

  • Fret polishing

  • Adjustment of the truss rod of the neck guitar if required

  • Guitar polishing


A simple on the spot service will cost €10 to €15.

Prices for other related services that would require more attention; we may offer you price estimates and further guidelines once you drop your guitar here at our Music Shop in Sliema, Malta.

Our Experience:

We have maintained a good number of guitars through our time of existence. Around 550 of them to be precise. We have acquired enough experience with different brands to help you out on yours.

Brands we have worked on:

Fender, Höfner, Gibson, Martin & Co, Ibanez, Stagg, Sigma Guitars, Gretsch, Yamaha, PRS, Epiphone, Harmony, Washburn, Ovation, Taylor, Seagull, Guild, G & L, ESP, Rickenbacker, Jackson and Schecter and more.

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