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Manuel Rodriguez Guitars @ Sun-Sounds!

We are happy to share the exciting news with you - from now on you can find Spanish made, real classical and flamenco Manuel Rodriguez guitars here at Sun-Sounds. We can describe this brand and its guitars in four simple words: Tradition, Modernity, Art and Experience.

The history of Rodríguez guitars is as rich as the wood from which they are crafted. Manuel Rodríguez — grandson of flamenco guitarist Manuel Rodriguez Perez Marequi and son of classical luthier Manuel Rodríguez Perez — learned the art of constructing a guitar firsthand. His apprenticeship began at the age of 13 in Madrid, where he also began exporting his finely crafted instruments to France, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Fast forward to 1959, Manuel Sr. opened a shop Los Angeles, making classical guitars for a myriad of professional players, teachers, students, and even the Hollywood elite.

In 1994 MR left their small shop-workshop in the center of Madrid to install themselves in new and ambitious facilities, in the town of Esquivias, Toledo. More than two decades later, their factory is the example of the perfect symbiosis between tradition and modernity.

MR believe that the best way to find out which guitar is the ideal for each one is to discover it, to touch it, to feel it. Therefore, they also offer guided tours of their factory, observing the entire construction process.

,,If that which cannot be repeated is art, then our guitars are also an artistic instrument. It is even more so when each artist constructs his guitar by creating exclusive ornamentation, using precious and unique woods, creating a mosaic, which distinguishes this soundhole from all the other soundholes. It is like a feather; a purfling that will never be repeated as far as color, thickness and taste are concern. We are therefore talking about an art piece that has a life of its own, produces elegant sound, and provides the guitarist with their own one-of-a-kind instrument to express their musical skill and harmonic knowledge. It is held in the hands and close to the body; it is an art piece of precious natural materials built to the luthier’s taste and woodworking skills; it is your trade, personality, and dignity in doing a good job.” — Manuel Rodríguez Jr.

We invite you to visit our little music shop in Sliema, Malta and try them out yourself!

¡Hasta luego!

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