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Afro-Ton percussion instruments in Malta

Sun-Sounds are excited to be representing AFRO-TON, this incredible brand of percussion instruments in Malta. The range is comprised for the most part of authentic, beautifully crafted, hand made instruments made in Africa, South America and other exotic parts of the world. This is surely the leading brand in earthy sounds featuring instruments that are characterized by a genuine build, precise, soulful tones and fantastic prices.

Hunting for cool souvenirs to bring home from Malta? Perhaps you want to get a gift for your significant other or add a new decorative touch to your home? Maybe you'd like to get creative with organic tones and sound effects? You feel it's time to enrich your palette for music production and/or movie score composition? Or perhaps add a bit of bite to your Malta beach jam?

Whatever it is you're after, it is worth your sweat to drop by at Sun-Sounds and experience Aftro-Ton for yourself.

Percussive instruments, drums with real smelly leather skin, everything from Djembe, Darabuka, Caxixi, Ashiko, Didgeridoo, Udu, Ocean Drum, Water Drum, Hang Drum, Shaman Drum and various other fabulous, cool sounding instruments are here, all in one place for you to try out.


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