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Get up to 465€ VAT back on your first NEW Musical Instrument when buying from Sun-Sounds

How about a 15.25% discount off your first NEW musical instrument??? Our Government is so kind to musicians who are starting off; they have this initiative for those beginning musicians. When buying from Sun-Sounds Music Shop you are eligible to getting this VAT refund.

Get back all the VAT you pay on your first musical instrument. Up to 465€ of VAT could be refunded back to you off an instrument of 3050€. The more you spend towards the 3k figure the more you will get back. The calculation is to be done as follows ..

The amount the instrument is priced at divided by 1.18. The result you get there is what you would be paying at the end.


1000€ / 1.18 = 847.46€

1000€ - 847.46€ = 152.54€

152.54€ = the amount you be refunded

Here's the process you would need to follow if you wish to apply for it online :

1. You must have an E-Id set up

2. This link gets you to the page -  LINK

3. Read through and click apply.

4. On the new window that appears; type in your E-ID and password and follow the verification process.

5. Enter all details including your bank details and click submit.

6. You will receive an sms and e-mail from confirming that a case has been opened

7. The submission will be reviewed and within a few days you will receive an sms/e-mail notification confirming the case closed and rebate should be received.

Let's get playing some music!



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