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The making of Sun-Sounds Music Shop - Malta

It all started with a Guitar Collection and Guitar lessons, we soon pictured the idea of going through a "new business venture". We owned a small cosy place in Sliema, but never seemed to come up with an idea good enough to give it a purpose. We decided that we should use the locality to gather more students within our lesson schedule. Why not right?

Work commenced on the place when soon after we came up with this amazing idea of opening up a Vintage and Used instrument shop and launching the idea within the Maltese musician culture. This way we wouldn't always have to go abroad to witness beautifully aged instruments :) Also giving the ability to musicians to display their used music equipment in the shop and we get to earn a small commission O_o ... Brilliant idea to host used, quality, vintage and rare instruments in a local shop.

Adding all up to that, there wasn't a shop who was holding such a business structure locally, so we'd be the first :D ... not competing with any other music business is a great opportunity for a startup run by two dumbo's in their early 20's we guessed! Take a look of how the shop came along together between the months of Febuary and August 2014:


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