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Shipping Worldwide - Sun-Sounds Recycling Program

Here is a 1973 Fender Jaguar, this particular guitar was used at one of the most famous bars here locally, BJs! Those who remember this place, might also recognise the guitar. Played by various local artists and foreign celebrities, this Jaguar has tons of story to it. This guitar was at our music shop on consignment. It was sold and shipped to Austria. It does not matter from which country you order your musical gear. We ship our products worldwide! Our recycling program is there to help save the environment. We use used boxes to make our own customised boxes. This allows our startup to grow. None of our exported instruments have ever been received with any damages. We do our best to keep it like that! We buy instruments as well as sell them for our clients in search for the right price. If you think that it’s time for your instrument to find a new owner, get in touch with us! Or drop by our music shop in Sliema, Malta and we will have a look at it! SUN-SOUNDS. Our five star review from client "The best ! Great seller ! Great communication!"


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