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BOSS Digital Metalizer MZ-2


This used in a very good condition MZ-2 is a somewhat unusual distortion pedal as it has 3 doubling modes, 2 chorus modes as well as a normal distortion mode. The distortion is produced in an analog circuit while the chorus and delay functions are created using a digital chip. The pedal has 2 main circuit boards where one of them is analog and the other one digital. The MZ-2 has stereo outputs which is unusual for a distortion pedal but makes perfect sense because of the doubling modes.

The MZ-2 has 6 different modes. Straight distortion, distortion/delay (3 modes) and distortion/chorus (2 modes)

The sound quality is pretty good for this pedal. It still is a pedal distortion show you won't have that feel and gain saturation you would get from tube valves but it is great to have built in chorus and delays. 

This pedal goes well in front of an amp and even an already over driven amp. If you have a Marshall JCM800 that has a little hair on it already just throw this pedal in front and then you will be golden to get those cool 809's hair metal tones. This will boost those preamps signals so that you are getting that sizzle and the chorus beefs up the tone as well. The two effects of chorus and delay help to beef up the tone quiet a bit and was a trick that players in the 80's would do to beef up the tone. This pedal has it all in one pedal which is very cool and convenient. 




    - Power: 9V DC 006P x 1
    AC Adaptor (PSA-120, Optional)
    - Current Draw: 70 mA (9VDC)
    - Controls: DRIVE Knob, TONE Knob, LEVEL Knob
    - Switches:ModeEffect On/Off
    - Indicator: Effect On/Off (= Battery Check)
    - Jacks: INPUT, OUTPUTS A/B AC Adaptor
    - Equivalent Input Noise: Less than -120 dBm (IHF-A)
    - Input Impedance: 1M Ohm
    - Output Load Impedance: More than 10k Ohms
    - Dimensions: 70(W) x 55(H) x 125(D) mm; 2 3/4(W) x 2 3/16 (H) x 4-15/16(D) inches
    - Weight: 450g/1lb

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