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Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay

**Slightly used** Analogue delay is one of the most desired effects by guitarist. No matter your flavour of delay whether that may be a shorter quick decay sound or a longer atmospheric echo like delay the Vapor Trail by Seymour Duncan is a great choice.


    - Delay with delay time 15-600 ms

    - The delay time is indicated by blinking of illuminated delay time knob

    - The chorus effect of the delay can be controlled by separate controllers for rate and depth

    - Controls for: Mix, repeats, delay, rate and depth

    - Input and output: 6.3 mm jack

    - Additional 6.3 mm stereo jack output at which an expression pedal can be connected to control the intensity of effect

    - Also serves as a wet-only output for wet/dry stereo or studio use

    - Wet signal may also be directed via another effect, such as Phaser effect

    - 100% Analog signal processing

    - True bypass

    - Operates with 9V battery or optional AC adapter 9 - 18V

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