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  • PART 1 - 12 Notes of Music | Guitar Tuning | Finger exercise

    12 NOTES IN MUSIC - TAA DAAAAAM!! Here are the 12 notes used in Western music. Made up of 7 natural notes and 5 sharp notes. We will be applying these to the fretboard in the lessons to come. If we had to translate this to Piano; the 7 natural notes would be the white keys and the 5 sharp notes are the black keys, as shown on the image above, these then keep on repeating along the full keyboard ... easy no? HOW TO TUNE THE GUITAR In the Diagram to the right we have a famous sentence which we will take the first letter of each word to denote the string notes that make up the "Guitar Open Tuning". Starting from the ticker bass strings that would be read as follows: Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie = E - A - D - G - B - E FINGER EXERCISE & WARM UP Here we have a picking exercise which will help co-ordinate both hands together. This exercise is built to improve ones ability to play single notes, as well as works on consistency and clarity of sound, not to mention rhythm. The numbers indicate the fingers on your left hand (given you're a right handed guitarist), the arrows next to the numbers indicate the directions to which we can do this exercise; therefore we can start with the ticker string E; 1, 2, 3, 4 down to the next string; A 1, 2, 3, 4 etc... and then take another exercise starting from the thinner string E; 4, 3, 2, 1 up to the next string B; 4, 3, 2, 1 etc... Ricky


    This online portal takes beginner students through the initial stages of learning guitar as well as equipping the student with an initial repertoire along the way. It is designed to tackle the arduous physicality of first starting guitar, whilst applying the fundamentals to music and song. Learning an instrument is a beautiful thing, however for some it might be daunting at first. Remember to enjoy the process, and results will ensue. Without rambling on any further, let’s get started! Ricky

  • Get up to 465€ VAT back on your first NEW Musical Instrument when buying from Sun-Sounds

    How about a 15.25% discount off your first NEW musical instrument??? Our Government is so kind to musicians who are starting off; they have this initiative for those beginning musicians. When buying from Sun-Sounds Music Shop you are eligible to getting this VAT refund. Get back all the VAT you pay on your first musical instrument. Up to 465€ of VAT could be refunded back to you off an instrument of 3050€. The more you spend towards the 3k figure the more you will get back. The calculation is to be done as follows .. The amount the instrument is priced at divided by 1.18. The result you get there is what you would be paying at the end. Example: 1000€ / 1.18 = 847.46€ 1000€ - 847.46€ = 152.54€ 152.54€ = the amount you be refunded Here's the process you would need to follow if you wish to apply for it online : 1. You must have an E-Id set up 2. This link gets you to the page -  LINK 3. Read through and click apply. 4. On the new window that appears; type in your E-ID and password and follow the verification process. 5. Enter all details including your bank details and click submit. 6. You will receive an sms and e-mail from confirming that a case has been opened 7. The submission will be reviewed and within a few days you will receive an sms/e-mail notification confirming the case closed and rebate should be received. Let's get playing some music! InJoy.

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  • SunSounds - Music Shop | Guitar Lessons Malta | Music Malta

    Shop We are alive and kickin! ... how are you? We are happy to be welcoming you ALL back at our tiny shop. We are open as per our usual shop opening hours! Check our usual Hours Guitar Lessons Malta Do you Want to learn GUITAR in Malta? Well, you've landed on the right page. We do our best to help you start and strengthen your musicianship throughout your musical journey! ​ Learning to play the guitar is one of the most complicated and challenging endeavors anyone could attempt. However, ANYONE can develop some degree of proficiency at the guitar with a good guitar teacher and some motivation. Put your heart into it and forget your mind, we will help you to get playing in no time. Learn More ? SERVICES Playing the guitar is fun – unless you break it. Your instrument can break for various reasons or you might have come across an old instrument that would need restoration. Bring your guitar, amplifier, bass or similar instruments to Sun-Sounds, we will repair or restore them for you here in Malta. Repairs & Restorations Backline and drums are very important gear for a stage performance, but in the meantime these are hard to transport too. We love to see as many artists as possible perform their music on stage, and therefore, Sun-Sounds lends a helping hand by the means of its instrument rental in Malta. Instrument Rentals Looking for a place to sell your vintage or used instruments hassle-free? Do you want to trade in or upgrade your gear? Sell your guitar or instruments here at our Sun Sounds Music Shop in Malta! We offer on consignment agreements. As well as trading of instruments. Selling & Trading Especially when on holiday, you might feel the urge to take out your guitar and play some music or perform a jam session in your apartment, around a bonfire or at the beach. We at Sun-Sounds understand that feeling, and therefore we rent out some of our acoustic and classical guitars here in Malta. Guitar Rentals LESSONS Sliema, Malta GUITAR Sun-Sounds For the past 5 years, Sun-Sounds has been building a reputation with professional musicians, collectors, and friends who want straight answers, expertise, and quality instruments. We are a start-up company hosting the 1st vintage, used and new musical instrument shop. Also offering you the chance to sell or trade in your instrument. ​ Stocked with the best budget guitars and equipment for the starting musician. We are passionate about what we sell and whom we sell to. Our goal at Sun-Sounds is to give you a good selection of guitars, amps, basses, effects, drums & percussions, and most of all to be there when you need us most! ​ When you think of servicing and repairing your guitars or amplifiers, Sun-Sounds will always be your best option. We work with the very best technicians and luthiers on the island - Pinky promise! Above all that, we are very nice people offering a wholeheartedly service. In short, now you know why you should visit us. We look forward to meet you ☺ NEW ARRIVALS New Arrivals Fender American Vintage Stratocaster '62 reissue | 2010 View Details Gibson Flying V 50th Anniversary | 2008 | Guitar of the year | 1of1000 View Details Martin D-35 | 1977 View Details OUR VIDEOS WHATs.UP CONTACT US Awesome! Message received. Send Testimonial Gibson HoundDog Resonator Lap Steel |USA My order arrived as expected. Thank You Mark, I Love My Gibson HoundDog SquareNeck! Great Service!!❤️🎶🎶🎼🎼 - Carol Ann Smith, USA Testimonial Korg Modular Multi-Effect Pedal | PME 40X | 80's Easy to communicate and quick shipping! Strongly recommended trader AAA+++ Thank you! — Jay Kurosawa New Zealand

  • Store | Guitars | Amplifiers | Accessories

    Guitars Basses Percussions Amps Pedals Ukes, Keys & more Check out our previously sold instruments Accessories Strings Merch STORE

  • Piano Lessons Malta | Sliema | Learn Piano in Malta - Sun-Sounds

    PIANO LESSONS Are you living in Malta? Or maybe you’re planning to move here? Do you have the dream of becoming a piano player? Are you a piano player already and you want to improve? Great! will help by providing you with piano lessons in Malta! Sun-Sounds Here is some about piano lessons that you might find useful: key information . Two options to choose from for your guitar lesson length; one option is of 45 minutes, the other is of 1 hour. 45 minute or 1 hour sessions ​ You can choose between one-on-one or even one-on-two type of piano lessons (if you bring your own partner). One on one Lessons. ​ It’s up to you to choose how frequently you will have your piano lessons. We recommend weekly sessions, to have enough time to practice at home and integrate what you learn in your playing. But it all depends on your motivation and your goals! Weekly Piano Lessons or more. ​ Don’t worry, we are reasonable on pricing. A one-on-one session costs 15 euro for 45 minutes, or 20 euro for 1 hour. A paired lesson 10 euro per person for 45 minutes or 15€ per person for 1 hour. You take your pick on the duration you prefer. ​ Here at we welcome players of any age and skill. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, if you’ve been playing for 20 years or you have never even sat at a piano. It’s all about the motivation and the intention! Our youngest students start from 7 years of age and our eldest shoot up to 85, yup, it’s never too late. Everyone is welcome! Sun-Sounds ​ The structure and content of lessons will be individually designed according to the needs and desires of the student. Our tutor will pay close attention to your opinion, your experience with music, your goals and dreams. But the basic topics you will touch upon in the piano lessons will be reading musical annotation and developing the mechanics of playing. So you will learn to read and play scales and chords while learning to understand a musical theory. Don’t be scared by all these fancy words, you will have lots of fun! Individually designed curriculum. ​ Do you think Mozart or any other great piano player became who he or she is now merely by getting lessons? Of course not. Sure, learning to play an instrument at that level is a long and dedicated process. It requires a lot of patience, time, love, inspiration and work, but why not try? It's always healthy to push our personal boundaries and surprise ourselves! So if you really want to achieve your goals, you will have to practice playing at home. Then you will show your progress to the teacher and you both will decide the direction to which you will move. Practice makes perfect! You have probably come across countless DIY online piano lessons that sound great. And maybe they are, but in Sliema, Malta. Also, many players find that the personal approach to music teaching and learning is definitely more efficient. no video can ever replace that human contact and honest communication that we offer here at Sun-Sounds ​

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