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Dan moi - Jew's Harp Vietnam

Dan moi - Jew's Harp Vietnam - AMT 647

Đàn môi ((Vietnamese): meaning "lip lute") is the Vietnamese name of a traditional musical instrument widely used in minority ethnic groups in Vietnam. This instrument is somewhat similar to the jaw harp but there are some differences. Most Đàn môi are crafted out of a single piece of brass and attached with a string to a decorated bamboo case. Rather than being played against the teeth, like a jaw harp, the dan moi is played against the lips. This gives much more flexibility to player, leaving them freer to shape their oral cavity as a resonance chamber to amplify the instrument.

Đàn môi are a traditional musical instrument of the Hmong people.


- Small, high pitched jaw harp cut out of a strip of heated brass

- Attached to a string, can be worn around the neck.

- Very easy to play, precise, clear sound, rich in overtones

- Is placed on the lips; the mouth serves as a resonator

- Tongue- and jaw motions, breath and vocals transform the sound

- Popular folk- and ritual instrument in the Far East

- Vietnam

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