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Gregg T. Alf, Violin, Fine Violin, Alf Violin, GA9334, Haddock Violin, Haddock Guarneri del Gesu, Violin Malta

Gregg T. Alf - "Haddock" Guarneri Del Gesu - 1994 w/ Bow & Case

P.S Violin is not located in our shop, kindly get in touch for viewing.

This violin was made by Gregg T. Alf in 1994. This violin is a “Haddock” Guarneri del Gesu model. The two-piece back is cut on the quarter from strongly flamed maple. The curl is of medium width and descends from the center seam. The ribs are of similar wood and the scroll has been grafted. The two-piece top is of medium grain spruce which broadens towards the flanks. The violin is finished with a red-orange varnish on a golden ground and has been antiqued.


The item will be sold directly from the original buyer having his name on the violin certification.  

Gregg T. Alf
Gregg T. Alf is a renowned contemporary American violin maker located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.Gregg T. Alf spent 8 years in Cremona, Italy where he graduated from the international Violin Making School. He returned to the United States in 1984 and founded the violin-making studios of Curtin & Alf together with Joseph Curtin. This partnership attracted the attention of various stars of the violin world such as Ruggiero Ricci, Zvi Zeitlin, Elmar Oliviera and many others.


For his early work, he made replicas of classic Italian instruments.Gregg T. Alf uses science and technology to better understand the acoustical foundations of his craft.In 2013 a Curtin & Alf copy of the 1731 “Gibson-Huberman” Guarneri del Gesu violin set a world auction record for an instrument by a living maker. The violin, built in 1985 for Ruggiero Ricci, was sold for $132.000 at Tarisio in New York. 


The CodaBow Diamond GX Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow is the crown jewel of the Diamond Collection. It embodies the marriage of timeless craftsmanship and industry-first technology. The CodaBow Diamond GX offers performance once reserved for only the finest pernambuco bows, producing an organic sound never before achieved in a carbon fiber bow.

Why The CodaBow Diamond GX?
- Rich, Powerful Tone
- Excellent Tracking
- Best Overall Playability and Tone
- Top Choice of Professional Players of Classical Music

The rich and powerful tone of the CodaBow Diamond GX makes it the bow of choice for professional players, particularly for classical music. The pure Kevlar core is expensive to manufacture, but yields a timbre and subtleness of response that rivals fine pernambuco bows.



With the Momentum Case Musafia wanted to create a completely super-compact and ultra-light design for those on the go.

The Violin is placed centrally with a large open-space are around the scroll. This leaves much more space for accessories than its predecessors. The case is also lighter with a weight of 2,6kg/5,7lbs. The case also includes an elastic in the scroll to hold string packets, business cards, etc.

The instrument safety is enhanced by two structural load-bearing partitions mated to the trademark Musafia monolithic impact absorbing system, while the styling is fresh and understated.

The U2112R Momentum is a high-quality artisan-made case with extra-reinforced corners.
The case was made in Italy.


For more information and a video go to:




    - Upper bout: 167mm
    - C-bout: 116mm
    - Lower bout: 206mm
    - Body length: 352mm



    -WEIGHT: Approx. 61.0 Grams
    -SHAFT: Graphite Diamond Weave
    -CORE: Kevlar
    -TINT: Pernambuco (Brown)
    -INLAY: Gold Coda Logo
    -FROG: Xebony
    -SLIDE: Tinted Carbon Fiber Weave
    -FITTINGS: Sterling Silver
    -GRIP: Moroccan Goat Skin
    -WINDING: Sterling Silver
    -TIP PLATE: Fiber-Reinforced Composite
    -HAIR: Gold Medal Stallion Hair
    -WEDGES/PLUGS: Composite
    -Warranty: Lifetime



    - 4-point Offset Plane Suspension System™ for improved instrument protection in case of bumps and impact.
    - Replaceable Cordura® nylon waterproof cover with full-sized music pouch, padded on underside. YKK zippers. Teflon® treatment to reduce wear and scuffs.
    - Interior fully-lined and padded with suede-like Royale (Momentum Z has silk, satin, and brocade linings depending on version).
    - SoftTouch™ elastic spring-loaded locking bow holders.
    - Musafia hygrometer - humdifier system with highly effective Dimus II multi-filament humidifier.
    - Padded blanket and flexible string tube.
    - Four metal through-bolted carrying strap fixtures with shoulder strap and backpack capability.
    - Two carrying straps for normal and backpack use.
    - Oversized, comfortable leatherette padded handle.
    - Subway handle.
    - Sekur™ double-action safety lock.
    - Color: Blue Interior: ¨Pacific Blue
    - Code format name weight shell dimensions
    - Weight: 2,5 kg. - 5.5 lbs.
    - Dimensions: 76 x 23.5 x 13cm
    - Maximum bow length accommodated in the ultra-compact Momentum -U2112R violin cases is 74,5 cm.

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